How the time flies – response to Versatile Blogger Award


Well, I’m ashamed to say that it’s almost two months since Apprentice, Never Master did me the surprising honour of bestowing the Versatile Blogger Award on me. I was really very chuffed, especially as I’ve only written a handful (or less) of posts, only one of which I thought was relatively interesting. Plus, her blog is fantastic and I recommend that you follow her straight away. What a way with words.

So, it’s been on my mind to say thank you, post the award on my site and choose my own nominees for all this time. I’ve been busy setting up my own company – which I’m sure I’ll talk about a later date – helping my husband set up his company – ditto – and applying for jobs. Oh, and dealing with a mild case of blipfoto addiction. But, I’m back and determined to blog more, as I have lots of ideas bursting out of me. So, the rules of accepting this award are to choose 15 bloggers to pass it on to (I’m going to see what number I reach, as I still need to find more time to read other blogs) and then post 7 interesting facts about myself. Let’s see just how flexible the word interesting can be.

So, drum roll, my nominees, and therefore automatic winners should they choose to accept, are (in no particular order):

1. Write Shoot Cut – an Edinburgh-based film blogger who also runs the Bootleg Film Festival. I don’t know how he finds the time to do it all.

2. Tales of One City – because Edinburgh libraries rock and we’re extremely lucky to have them.

3. Prison Photography – I love photography and this is a really interesting and thought-provoking subject. One that would never have crossed my path without…

4….Punishing Photography – my friend Jen has just finished a year’s residency at the Crime & Justice Centre at Glasgow University. She rocks and when The Stylist Magazine asked for tweets about women their followers admire (being International Women’s Day) she was the first (okay second after Lee Miller) bird I thought of.

5. Nilsandorffson – I first met this ranter when I was 18 (so only a couple of years ago, ahem) and can still hear the bare-footed troubadour he was back then in his blogs. He talks a lot of sense now too, though.

6. Light Reading – I mentioned I love photography, right? David is not only interesting and knowledgeable, in the online world and social media, as well as photography, but when we met at a networking event, the conversation we had made me believe in kismet!

7. Purse Full of Pennies – if for nothing else than her latest blog post alone. I find I’m a sucker for goats in a charity shop window.

8. A FemAle View – Sophie has my dream job and I wouldn’t have known it existed unless I’d heard her on Radio 4 a while ago, recommending two of my favourite beers, which makes me eminently qualified for the job. I think.

9. Anthony Epes Photography – I know, you get it, I love photography. Anthony is the only person whose photos of me (in adult life) I’ve liked and to whom I’m forever thankful that, when taking my wedding pics, he recommended I hold my tummy in! He’s currently doing a great Cities at Dawn series.

And I think I’ll end it there at 9. If you choose to accept your award, you should copy the picture above, post it on your site then decide who you want to pass it on to; list them on your site and then write the following about yourself. Got it? Good.

So, now to Seven ‘Interesting’ Things about Me:

1. I’m the youngest of four girls and definitely have youngest child syndrome. I can never go home before I know the party is completely over, as I think I might miss out on something.

2. The dummies they use to recreate scenes in museums really give me the creeps, so much so that if I’m in a museum on my own I sometimes can’t walk past them. I thought I would have grown out of this by now.

3. When I was travelling around the world on my own in my twenties I was mugged quite badly in Thailand. What could have turned into a nightmare situation actually became one of the most fun experiences of my life and I only wish I had some of the crime scene reconstruction pictures as a souvenir. I wrote about this once before, but can’t find the article so will have to try and recreate the scene on here sometime, as it still makes me giggle.

4. I can get overwhelmed by emotion that suddenly bubbles up from nowhere if I find myself somewhere I really want to be. There were tears when I sailed down the Bosphorus for the first time, when I found myself by the Christmas tree at the Rockefeller Center in New York, when I visited Lee Miller’s house and most recently at the Man Ray exhibition.

5.  After an INXS gig many, many years ago, three friends and I went to stand by the stage door. When the band came out, Michael Hutchence grabbed me and gave me a full-on snog. The world momentarily stopped spinning.

6. I’m still friends with the girls I met at Primary School and we’re going off to celebrate our 40th birthdays in July with a weekend in Paris. We still laugh when we’re together like a bunch of naughty schoolgirls and I know by the end of the weekend my sides will be aching. I’m so proud and happy to still have them all in my life.

7. I worry that I over share and that my footprint on social media says far too much about me, yet I still go on. See above!


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